Welcome to The New Masalla Merchant Restaurant

We welcome you to The New Masalla Merchant a unique Indian Restaurant based in Birmingham. All of our cuisine is crafted with great care and freshness to ensure we give our customers the best experience of Indian Food. We ensure that cook all of our Indian food with authentic tastes. We are one of the most renowned Indian Restaurants in Birmingham for our fine cuisine and also great atmosphere.

At The New Masalla Merchant we have award winning trained chef's to ensure you have the best experience of high quality Indian cuisine. We have firm favorite Indian and Bangladeshi dishes such as Biryani dishes which are cooked using the best rice grains and fresh spices. We also have the famous Balti dishes which are cooked in authentic spices to give that original taste and aroma.

The New Masalla Merchant also has a special menu for children so you and your family can come and enjoy a great evening of good Indian and Bangladeshi food. There is a also a takeaway service which we offer so you can order your takeaway food online from our website. If you register to order your takeaway online, we always from time to time send out special vouchers to all of our online takeaway ordering customers. These give discounts on your future online takeaway orders.

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We hope to see you soon at The New Masalla Merchant.